How to Read Deleted Message in Whatsapp

How to Read Deleted Message in Whatsapp

How to read deleted message from WhatsApp

Are you addicted to Whatsapp? Whatsapp is the most popular app owned by Facebook always comes with new features in a short time period. A new feature has risen up in Whatsapp in which users are allowed to unsend messages in about an hour. Messages can be deleted from personal chats as well as from group chats, a feature is available on iOS, Android, and Windows platforms. “This message is deleted” is being shown instead of the deleted message when someone deletes the message.

Have you sent a message to someone unintentionally? Want to delete this message? Just use the feature of deleting messages. But if someone deleted a message and you are curious to know the message how will you be able to know the message? You can come out from this situation by just following some steps. To see deleted messages from WhatsApp there are many workarounds which can be used.

So, want to know these workarounds? Want to know deleted messages from Whatsapp? Let’s know the ways from which you can have a look at deleted messages!!

1.WhatsApp Chat Backup used to read deleted messages

If you want to recover a chat which you have deleted accidentally, you can do so by using the WhatsApp Chat Backup option. This occurs at 2am every night by default. You have full freedom of changing the frequency of backup on the basis of monthly, weekly, or daily. Daily backup of chats is recommended as chats are restored before another backup at 2 am.

You might wonder how deleted WhatsApp messages are restored? Here are the steps to restore these chats:-

  1. If you are using an Android device then uninstall WhatsApp and again install it from Google Play Store.
  2. Enter your mobile number with your country code and agree to all terms and conditions of this app.
  3. An option will be popped up in front of you for restoring chats from a backup. You just need to click on the restore option and after that all your WhatsApp messages will be restored.

2.Third-Party Apps used for reading deleted messages

You can even use third-party apps for reading and deleting messages on WhatsApp. Various applications are provided on Google Play Store which gives allowance to recover your deleted WhatsApp messages. Notifications maintenance is provided by these apps and stored in the notification history of an Android system.

One of the most popular third-party apps which can be used for reading deleted WhatsApp messages is “WhatsRemoved+”. Over 5 million users downloaded the app, available for only Android users not for iOS users. One hurdle can come in this app, this app contains ads. Ads of this app can be removed if you buy a premium subscription of this app.

Now, the name of the third-party app is known but how to use it? How deleted messages are recovered with the help of this app?

Here are the steps for recovering deleted messages on WhatsApp through this third-party app. Follow the steps to recover the deleted messages:-

  1. Download the app from Google Play Store and then install it in your device.
  2. As shown on the screen agree to terms and conditions of the app and give allowance to access notifications.
  3. Select WhatsApp from apps list for reading deleted messages.
  4. If anyone deletes a message after sending, then notification will be given from the app.
  5. If you want to read deleted messages, open notifications option and click on “DETECTED” tab.
  6. From this tab you can be able to read WhatsApp messages even after being deleted.

There are several apps besides WhatsRemoved+ for securing deleted messages. But, remember giving allowance to a third-party app can involve a security risk.


Unfortunately, there are no iOS apps to read deleted messages. There is a little disadvantage for iPhone users. Android users are on the advantage.

WhatsApp has launched this new feature of deleting messages from chats and it proves to be very helpful if messages are sent unintentionally or by mistake. But, some people have curiosity to know these deleted messages. So, these are some ways to recover deleted messages from WhatsApp.

Be aware of the risk if you are using a third-party app for recovering deleted messages.






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