How to Recover Deleted Photos From Phone

Smartphones, a very necessary device nowadays, are very helpful in saving the memorable moments of your life in the form of photos. But, sometimes these memories are lost from your device. Want to save photos in your device lifelong? If photos are deleted accidentally from your device, you may wonder if there is a way to recover these deleted photos from the phone.

No need to worry, as it is not too late to recover your memories from the device, but recover them within time. So, want to know how to recover photos from your device? You have various options ranging from simple to advanced. There are solutions which can work for you for recovering deleted photos. Let’s know them.

1.Recovering deleted photos from Cloud

 Most photo apps and cloud offer services of backing up photos in the background. If these are turned on, then your photo can’t be deleted. If you delete a photo accidentally from your device’s gallery app, it won’t be deleted from cloud backup service as it is in on phase.

If you want the photos back you need to log in into your cloud app and once more have to download it. Go to Google photos, open image and tap on save to device


If photos are being deleted from cloud backup, no need to worry as it can be recoverable from there also. Many cloud services use a recycle bin where you can restore delete files within a certain time period.

Now, in this various options are there for recovering photos. They includes:-

  • Recovery of deleted photos from Google photos

Open the Google photos app and select the trash option from the sidebar. Which image you want to recover long press it and select restore option. But remember deleted files are available only for 60 days.

  • Recovery deletes files from Microsoft OneDrive

 Open the Microsoft’s OneDrive and search for Me > Recycle bin. Search for your files and tap the restore option. The deleted files remain for 30 days in OneDrive.

So these are some cloud apps, others also work in a similar way. Check your account’s terms to check for how long a particular cloud service can keep your deleted photos or files.

2.Recovery of deleted photos from SD Card

Imagine if you don’t back up your photos on cloud apps! If photos are deleted from the gallery app and you want to recover them but don’t know how. Then the only ray of hope is that you should have saved photos in your device’s SD card. Are you eager to know how to do this?

You need to connect your SD card with your computer and make use of special recovery software to retrieve deleted photos. You can restore deleted photos as long as it is not encrypted. When you realize you have deleted photos accidentally you should take out your SD card from the device so the risk of overwriting is reduced.

You might be thinking of how to recover the deleted photos with the help of special software? Here it is.

  • Restoration of deleted images using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

This software is the best software for recovery of deleted photos and that too free of cost. Firstly, you need to connect your SD card to your computer through a card reader. Then you need to install Data Recovery Wizard. When the software is launched it will show all drives from which you can restore data including your SD card.

You have to select a memory card and tap the scan. Automatically, apps start to scan, it could take 20 minutes. Then from the left-hand panel select type, next to graphics there is a dropdown arrow, click it and select jpg. All photos from your SD card will be flashed on your main window. Select the photos which you want to recover.

Tap on Recover Now option and decide a location where you want to save images. Photos will be exported and secured. After this you can copy paste on your device.



These are some of the easiest ways to recover your deleted photos from your device. If you want your precious photos to remain safe on your device, always remember to back them up somewhere.

Cloud option is the best option for backing up your photos. These apps are under your control and run quietly. Allow them to work when your device is connected to Wi-Fi as it will not hurt your data plan. Not only photos, everything should be backed up.

These instructions will help you a lot in recovery of your deleted photos. Follow these instructions and you will reach your deleted photos.

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