How to Remove Passwords From PDF

How to Remove Passwords From PDF

If you ever received a phone bill or bank’s statement in the form of a PDF, you will be aware that these PDF files are protected with passwords. Why are PDF files protected with passwords? To protect the private information of your account.

It is true that remembering all passwords of PDF files is a tiresome act, if you just want to save and send these documents to your CA. But, you don’t need to worry and to save your trouble you can very easily remove passwords from PDF files. But for removing a password you are required to have the password first.

You are allowed to remove the password if you know the password already. With this, follow this article which will guide you to remove passwords from PDF files.

Removing password from PDF in Android

Most PDF files are opened on the computer, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes you have to open PDF files in your smartphone. In that situation it becomes irritating to enter a password many times. So, here is good news for all. From Android also password can be removed. So, if you use an Android smartphone, follow these instructions:-

  1. PDF Utilities is downloaded and installed from Google Play.
  2. Be sure to download the PDF file from which you have to remove the password.
  3. After opening the PDF Utilities app press select which is just next to Select PDF.
  4. When you locate your file, select it and press start. You will get a notification which will ask your password, enter it and press OK.
  5. When it’s done, head back to the place where the original PDF file is saved to get access to the new PDF file without a password. 

Removing password from PDF in iPhone

Passwords can be removed from the iPhone also. You only need an app PDF Expert, downloaded free of cost but if you want to remove a password using this app you have to pay for it. Don’t be stressed as this app provides a trial of one week. So, remove the password from all your PDF files in this free trial week. So, the steps are:-

  1. PDF Expert app is downloaded and installed on iPhone. After opening the files folder from the main menu, locate the file from which you want to remove the password.
  2. Open the file by tapping on it, enter password, press on the three dots icon in the top right corner, then click change password and then remove password.
  3. This will remove the password from your PDF file and when you try to open it for next time you do not need to enter the password.

Removing password from PDF through Google Chrome

This method proves to be the easiest way in removing passwords from PDF files. If you want this method to work you need a computer with a Google Chrome browser. You just need to follow these steps:-

  1. It doesn’t matter where your PDF file is stored – be it in your Gmail, drive, you need to just open your PDF file on Google Chrome.
  2. After opening you have to unlock it by entering the password.
  3. After the file is unlocked, click on the print button which is present in the top right corner.
  4. Select save as PDF and then click on save option.
  5. This will save your PDF file on the computer and you can access your PDF file without any password protection.


By following these instructions you can remove passwords from your PDF files. It becomes quite frustrating to enter passwords again and again, but it is only for your benefitted. If you want to reduce your trouble or if you are not able to remember passwords then you can remove them. You just have to follow some steps and the password is gone.

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